Cascais Vox±pop

The best place to live a day, a week or a lifetime!

O melhor lugar para viver um dia, uma semana ou uma vida inteira! 

From the Airport to Cascais:
How to get to Cascais from Lisbon Airport? Very easy, simple and cheap. Major airlines (and low cost airlines) fly to Lisbon from most European cities.

From Lisbon to Cascais there are several ways to get there.

You can rent a car (30m from Cascais) by public transport or we recommend the METRO to Cais do Sodré (20m) and then the train to Cascais (30m).

If you come by bus the journey takes about 30m.

voX±Pop Event

Bring your VOX and POP in the experience. Become part and lead the community of Vox±Poppers.

Each person is Unique and you are the X that can impact the People around you. Our symbol X±P.

Each one us has a VOX that wants to be heard, everyone needs a community with a sense of belonging. Be the change you would like to see in the world.

voX±Pop : 99€ fee/person

  • The CONCEPT: 3 days with music in a walking distance  town/city/village with the same basic fee participation  99€/person
  • Changing PARADIGM: Why does an event has to end with a final concert? Why can´t We/I decide to come on the days it fits better to us/me? Why can´t We/I just come before or after the event? Why just Life has to be THIS or THIS and just can´t be THIS & THIS? 
  • different ways of PARTICIPATION: join with your choir ± create your ensemble just for the event, ± come with your friends ± come with your best friend/s ± come by yourself and be included in one of the participating choirs ± come as you prefer and join the workshops and sing the repertoire at the concerts
  • ADD-ONS: Each voX±Pop event has their unique experiences. You can choose from so many offers and just decide to do them before and/or after the Event. You design as best suits you.

Do you like the vox±Pop concept and you feel inspired to do in your hometown? Just send an email to and schedule a videocall.

26 to 30 June, Monday to Friday

(info about program in planning process)



Visit Sintra


Lisboa Fado

26 to 28 June, Sunday to Tuesday

Sunday, Day 1

Mass Services

  • 16h Concert Igreja de Cascais

Monday, Day 2

  • Meet the Town (Singing in different Spots) Morning & Afternoon
  • 12h Workshop
  • 13h-14h30 Lunch
  • 16h Concert Igreja de Cascais

Tuesday, Day 3

  • 12h Workshop
  • 13h-14h30 Lunch
  • 16h Concert Igreja de Cascais

Paróquia de São Pedro e São João Estoril 

Paróquia de Cascais 


Myguel Santos e Castro has a degree in Management and Public Administration.

He began his musical studies at the age of 7 in piano, acoustic guitar and music theory.

At the age of 17 he began teaching music in schools, recorder, music theory and history, piano, electric and acoustic guitar and percussion.

He studied Choral Conducting at the Academia de Amadores de Música de Lisboa Academia, participated in workshops and masterclasses in Choral Conducting / Orchestra / Vocal Technique, inside and outside the country (Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden) with the most influential conductors today. . Under his Artistic Direction he has developed an intense and passionate work in different events and workshops in Portugal.

His choral work has taken him to many countries around the world (France, Mexico, Japan, USA, Estonia) and he has developed many projects with radio, television and cinema.

He is often invited to lectures/classes at schools and universities.

Founder of the VOX LACI project

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