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Myguel Santos e Castro

Myguel Santos e Castro is a dynamic choral and orchestral conductor renowned for his profound influence both on and off the stage. Born in Angola in 1974, Myguel’s early years were spent absorbing diverse cultures, first in Boston and later in Lisbon, where he has been based since the age of six. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Public Administration from the Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP) in Lisbon, a foundation that has enriched his approach to music with strategic and organizational insights.

Myguel embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of seven, mastering the piano, acoustic guitar, and music theory. By seventeen, he was teaching music in over 20 schools across Portugal, shaping the musical minds of 200 to 450 students annually with lessons in recorders, music theory, history, piano, both electric and acoustic guitar, and percussion. At 33, he shifted his focus from teaching to concentrate on the VoxLaci Project, an innovative music initiative he founded in 1996, which has since become a cornerstone of his career.

Under his artistic direction, the VoxLaci Project has blossomed into a significant cultural movement, celebrated for its passionate and innovative approach to choral music. Myguel has conducted orchestras and choirs worldwide, (Portugal, the Netherlands, Japan, Estonia, and Argentina) bringing his charismatic leadership and artistic vision to diverse audiences. His work has not only filled concert halls but also reached broader audiences through collaborations with radio, television, and cinema.

An esteemed lecturer and workshop leader, Myguel is frequently invited to speak at schools and universities where he discusses the intersections of music and leadership. His influence extends beyond borders; he has participated in workshops, masterclasses and as jury member in Germany, Spain, South Africa, Italy, Russia, Sweden, learning from and collaborating with some of today’s most influential conductors.

A devoted husband and father of six, Myguel values family above all and strives to balance his demanding career with his role at home. His life’s journey from Angola to the international stage, guided by a deep commitment to music and education, mirrors his belief that “sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” Myguel Santos e Castro continues to inspire as a leader who not only conducts music but also orchestrates change through the harmonious blend of his heritage, education, and passion for the arts.


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